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New Patients

Northdale’s Family Chiropractic offers a calming, peaceful environment that is pleasant and stress-free. Music is playing softly in the background. It is so relaxing, in fact, that occasionally patients will fall asleep in their private therapy room! Our inviting, friendly staff is ready to welcome you to our Tampa office.

Getting Immediate Relief

On your first visit, you will receive treatment to help provide immediate relief from your pain. There is some brief paperwork to fill out, and then you will meet Dr. Horchak. Together, you will discuss your health history and current complaint. We will then perform a thorough examination and take X-rays if they are necessary.

Based on these findings, we will start with treatment, which may include a chiropractic adjustment and a therapy modality such as heat, electrical muscle stimulation or ultrasound.

This appointment takes about an hour.

The Second Visit

When you return, you will receive a more in-depth report of Dr. Horchak’s findings from your examination. We will discuss the nature of your problem, what is required to fix it and any home care that will accelerate your healing or prevent recurrence in the future.

Follow-up treatments take 20-30 minutes. We have a no-wait policy, meaning you will be seen promptly at your appointment time.

Continuing on the Road to Wellness

We find that it is usually simple to get our patients out of pain. To maintain that level of health, we recommend maintenance or wellness care. Some people require a visit once a month, every two months or every three months — each person is different. If you choose only to return when you have a problem, you will need more frequent visits, in addition to being sidelined by flare-ups. It is your choice, but we educate our patients on the benefits of maintenance care.

We are an in-network provider with nearly all insurance companies. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

New patients are always welcome. We see people of all ages who have a variety of conditions. Use your insurance coverage for your appointment. Contact us today!